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How to handle special requests from travelers upon booking?

How to handle special requests from travelers upon booking?

By responding to your customers’ special requests upon booking, you can reassure them immediately! They know they will have everything you need in your hotel and that you will take care of everything

But what should you offer travelers so that they can dream of their stay as soon as they book?

Why respond to special requests from your travelers during booking

63% of travelers are interested in additional services during the booking process, compared to only 20% after booking their stay (CTI).

Travelers prefer to book their stay all at once, at the same time as the room, so as not to worry about it later. Jump on this opportunity to maximize your turnover by offering additional services.

Customized offers according to client’s profile

88% of customers value more the services that have been recommended to them if they meet their needs (Forum Corp Of North America).

By getting to know your customers better, you will be able to determine their needs and expectations, and thus personalize the services you want to offer them.

What services to offer?

a. Principal services for everyone

  • late check in
  • express check out
  • luggage
  • room service
  • special diet
  • air conditioner
  • free wifi connection
  • personal butler
  • safe in room

b. Services according to the profile of the traveler


  • Connecting room
  • Baby cot
  • Parking
  • Additional bed
  • Movies and board games
  • Toys
  • Actvities (cycling, games room, nautical activity…)


  • Museum and show tickets
  • touristic guide
  • Airport shuttle
  • Transport tickets

Business travelers

  • Seminar room
  • Laundry service
  • Room service
  • Fast wifi
  • Desk in the bedroom
  • Work space

A couple

  • Fruit basket
  • Champagne or wine
  • Chocolate
  • Flowers
  • Spa treatments

How to offer your additional services at the booking?

Ask the traveler for their profile using a drop-down list: Family, Tourist, Woman / Businessman, Couple, …

Une fois le profil déterminé du client, ne lui proposez que les services généraux mais ceux spécifiques à son profil pour ne pas le perdre avec trop d’options et augmenter vos chances qu’il ajoute un service additionnel à son panier.

Once the customer’s profile has been determined, offer specific services that match their needs to avoid losing him with too many options and increase your chances of selling.

Suggest a list with checkboxes of services that can be booked and specify their prices.

Be careful, you must manage the stock of services you offer according to the dates requested. You cannot offer the traveler an additional bed when booking if you have no more for the requested period. Set up your PMS for this with all the additional services you offer. The tool will share stocks directly with the booking engine.

Do not display a service that is unavailable for the requested period. For instance, if you indicate that the sea view room is unavailable and that a traveler is interested in it, he may be disappointed and will abandon his booking to find a sea view room with one of your competitors .

If you cannot offer certain services yourself, do not hesitate to call on external providers. Customers will be delighted to enjoy local products.

Make them dream

Don’t just sell a product, but sell an experience. Highlight your services with pictures so that travelers can imagine what it might look like.

Use catchy messages

Ex: “Only 20 € extra”. Encourage travelers to upgrade their stay. They will focus on the value they get rather than the overall price.

Facilitate registration

If a guest wants to book a room in your hotel again, automatically save their previous requests to save them time and it becomes a habit when they come back

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