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Why should you respond in less than 30 seconds on the live chat?

Why should you respond in less than 30 seconds on the live chat?

Knowing that a visitor stays around 2min30 on your website, you must be reactive and available instantly to respond to their request for assistance and support them until the end of their reservation. The livechat is for this the ideal solution since it promises the traveler an immediate response to their needs and questions.

But beware, visitors who are often undecided and difficult to convince, hate waiting. Livechat therefore means responding to travelers in less than 30 seconds! But why is it so important and how do you do it?

Booking a trip online increases the purchase time

For 42% of consumers, finding and buying travel is perceived as complex. To compensate this extra time spent looking for and comparing the best stay, consumers are looking for the simplest booking and payment procedure possible: for 9 out of 10 people, the ease of booking would help them to purchase. For 37% of customers, the fact that the reservation is simple takes precedence even over the price! Thanks to its instantaneousness, the livechat facilitates the process of purchasing the stay from the client.

Once attracted, support your potential customer !

You have already made so much effort to attract a traveler to your website. Convince him to book your hotel with personalized support: 83% of internet users admit that they need support during their navigation. The livechat therefore perfectly meets the desire of a traveler in a hurry and undecided to live an immersive and personalized experience.

But, it would be a shame to lose it in such a good way with an unanswered livechat. 57% of travelers will abandon their reservation if they cannot quickly find an answer to their questions. It is therefore imperative to be reactive and respond to the visitor in less than 30 seconds on the chat. Even if, in reality, the average time for first response to the chat is on average 50 seconds, far from the objective of 30 seconds …

89% of them consider their experience with the livechat satisfactory, if the response and the resolution are fast.

Visitors are however more tolerant of the adviser’s reactivity once contact is initiated.

Time-saving tips

Astuces pour gagner du temps sur chat

To optimize chat timing, speed up your response time and gain efficiency, you can:

  • Prepare a list of pre-recorded sentences with the most frequently asked questions and answers. But be careful not to use too much of it or users will think they are talking to a robot and not to a real person.
  • See what the user is writing in real time before they even send their message, which will allow you to better anticipate your response. Even if the traveler changes his mind and does not send the message, you will have seen the first words he wrote and therefore understood the basis of his thought. You can therefore send him a targeted message via chat to start the conversation.
  • Designate one of your employees who will respond exclusively to the chat
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